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Custom Design Options

You can customize an invitation by modifying an existing product such as Pocket or Jacket invitation OR entirely create your own design. We provide a full range of custom services such as printing, die-cutting, drilling, slitting and scoring to assist you in bringing your concept and design to life. To give you an overview of our capabilities we have displayed some of the products that have been customized or modified.

Custom Services

$5.00 per 100 Sheets
Round Corner Corner    
$2.00 per Cut per 100 Sheets
Cutting Layer Invitation Step invitation    
$7.00 per 100 Sheets
Scoring Single Score Double Score Multi Scores    
$5.00 per drill per 100 Sheets
Punching 1/8" (0.125") 1/4" (0.250) 9/32" (0/281) 5/16" (0.312)    
$8.00 per 100 Units of an Item
Slitting Corner Photo Corner Loop
$8.00 per 100 Units of an Item
Slitting Double Loop Loop Loop

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